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  • 2014

    Ballon highline is released at the beginning of year 2014 and all TVs worldwide show the footage of the first highline between two hot air ballons. The Skyliners change their name into Flying Frenchies.
  • 2013

    Petit Bus Rouge gets out : the 3rd collaboration with film maker friend Seb Montaz shows all 2012 experiments. At the end of the year, Tancrede and Julien create another buzz setting up a highline between two cable car gondolas in a French ski resort
  • 2012

    Performing arts meet extreme sports, the team grows with Anicet Leone and Freddy Montigny. In parallel, the Skyliners are hired to shoot adverts for Asus, Blackberry, etc…
  • 2011

    Successful movie I Believe I can Fly – Flight of the Frenchies is released, telling the story of highlining and basejumping. Movie makes a buzz worldwide, and the team starts getting work opportunities.
  • 2010

    First highline expedition in a winter mountaineering environment in the Mont-Blanc massif with Julien Millot, Tancrède Melet, Antoine Moineville and Sébastien Brugalla. The team change their name into Skyliners, the 1st with film maker friend Seb Montaz
  • 2009

    Tancrede films the first highline experiments: story begins and the Bad Slackliners team is born
  • 2008

    Julien Millot and Tancrède Melet meet in south of France on a climbing trip. They set up their first highline together.