The Flying Frenchies - Back to the Fjords

The Flying Frenchies - Back to the Fjords

The Flying Frenchies are back, with more fantastical stunts and enthralling experiments in a whirlwind adventure to the fjords of Norway. Twenty or more of the most colourful characters you could ever imagine, each with a different skill or talent, working together to create an outdoor extravaganza the likes of which have never been seen before!

Acrobats, musicians, engineers, cooks, clowns, athletes, highliners... travelling for hours and days, through countries and over borders, over treacherous mountains and across savage waters. All to be part of a unique and special project, that is sure to make your hair stand on end!

After months of preparations, calculations, manipulations and consultations, the time for mobilisation has come! Kjerag in the Norwegian fjords provides the backdrop for a month long kaleidoscope of trials and tribulations, circus tricks and theatre, artistic expression and experimentation. With rope swings, see-saws, parallel bars, wingsuits and a giant catapult at their disposal, who will be the first to venture into the unknown and reach for the stars?


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